Talent is a critical component for success for any organization. Whether individual contributors or

senior managers leading large numbers of people, it is critical to have the right people in the right roles.

Although this has always been the case, it is even more so today considering the rapid changes in

technology based products and solutions, as well as customer preferences and needs.  Businesses can’t

afford to make mistakes considering the competition for good talent, time and cost needed to train, the

potential disruption to the teams in place, and the driving need to deliver results.

With over 28 years of experience in recruiting and building teams in the US, Latin America and Europe, Boar

has a firsthand knowledge of what it takes to build teams, and the type of people needed 

for key roles in the payment space.  Boar has direct contact with many qualified professionals, at

various levels from high potential junior talent, to seasoned senior leaders; and from full time staff to market

leading consultant/experts.  With this knowledge and relationships, Boar can better and more quickly source

payment professionals than traditional headhunting firms, who may not have the same hands on experience

or connections.